We provide E2E solutions for complex problems in the area of Cloud, IaC, CI/CD, Data Platform, Data Pipeline, MLOps, Business Intelligence, and (Modern) Data Warehouse, GenAI, LLMOps

An expert in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. We build integrated solutions in the space of Data, Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI, GenAI, Microservices, APIs, Kubernetes, Security, Data Governance, Data Vault, Data Lake, Delta Lake, and Web Applications.

We have strong implementation experience and built many solutions as listed below:

  • Enterprise Cloud Data Platform
  • Modern Data Warehousing Solution
  • Advanced Analytics for Call Center
  • Real-Time Data Processing Pipelines
  • Data Processing Pipeline using Microservice Architecture
  • Metadata Driven Data Processing Pipeline
  • Modern Data Platform using Delta Lake
  • Highly scalable Microservice platform
  • Developing Microservice applications
  • Enterprise Event Flow Architecture for Order Processing and more …
  • Cloud Migration from On-premises
  • Building APIs for Inference, Data as a Service, Data Processing Pipelines
  • Build AI/ML Solution and MLOps
  • Building Data Processing Pipeline using Notebooks as ETL
  • Setup Cloud only and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure for Startup and enterprise with secure network
  • GenAI Models Finetuning Platform Setup and Application Development
  • Building Modularized IaC for enterprise setup

We have a list of success stories Designed, Developed, and Implemented products and solutions for Enterprise Clients.